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Ted Eschliman has created a wonderful mandolin site, oriented to the more sophisticated jazz mandolinist (distinguished from the more "down home" bluegrass folks.).  It's beautiful to look at, has lots of cool pix and info about pretty mandos, and it's full of exercises, theory pieces and other good things.  Pay a visit!!
 Richie Havens' Guitar Method
Richie Havens has for more than 40 years performed remarkable folk music.  His guitar style is as unusual as you'll ever see.  On this page of his official site, much of the mystery is revealed.
 Some Other Links
I've been trying to figure out a way to list "miscellaneous" sites which don't fit well into the other pages on this site.  This is the best I could do.  It'll be getting some new links for a while, as I try to build its content.
 John Prine Interview
From the Library of Congress, an interview by Poet Laureate Ted Kooser with the great John Prine.
 Musical Media Page
New page on the site, listing magazines, radio shows, places to find good acoustic music video concerts, maybe books and other materials.
Geezers Jug Band on Prairie Home Companion
On January 29, 2005, the Geezers Jug Band, subject of one of the sub sites of FolkBlues.Com, appeared on the live broadcast of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion radio show, broadcast to more than 558 public radio stations, Armed Forces Radio and other outlets.  See the Geezer web site for more details.
 Ukulele Links
I didn't have enough to do early one morning, so naturally my attention turned to the ukulele.
Steve Goodman Preservation Society
Steve was a wonderful singer/songwriter, but he was most amazing as a performer.  This site is a way to preserve his memory and his music.
Gatherings, a Listing of Acoustic Music Festivals, Camps, Workshops and Events
The Events and Camps pages try to give  a little bit of information about the events.  However, in an attempt to create an easy-to-use single-page listing of these and other events, by time of year offered,  we now offer Gatherings.  Click on the title above to go to that new web site of event listings.
For Steve Goodman

Chicago Shorty would write you a song,
Then he'd play the damned thing all night long,
Make you coffee, fry you an egg,
Tickle your funnybone, pull your leg,
Talk your head off, laugh at your jokes,
Kiss your sister and charm your folks,
Lend you his house, lend you his car,
Give you the strings from his last guitar.

Stevie'd let you name the place,
Meet your plane and carry your case.
Chicago Shorty loved his life,
Loved his children, loved his wife.
He was a joy for me to know,
And I miss the little bastard so.

-- Tom Paxton
used with permission




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