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Seems like I've always been fascinated with musical instruments of all kinds, from the grand piano to the spoons  A physical thing which makes pleasing sounds is one of the most delightful of creations.  I envy and admire the creators and those who make such things available to the world.

I visit instrument makers and dealers whenever I can, and I love to know where they are, so these two lists are designed to help you find them, or to find out about them.  By the way, sometimes builders and sellers are the same people.  Don't miss the Instrument Maintenance and Informational Links below.

Builders Sellers
Just a few links to find the
better-known instrument
makers.  A good source of
links to those not listed here
is Guitar Notes.
Bourgeois Guitars
Collings Guitars
Cumpiano Guitars
Deering Banjos
Everett Guitars
Fylde Guitars
Gallagher Guitars
Gibson Musical Instruments
Goodall Guitars
Grimes Guitars
Guild Guitars
Hoffman Guitars
Huss & Dalton Acoustic Guitars
Instrument Maker List
Klein Guitars
Langejans Guitars
Lowden Guitars
Luthiers Around the World
Martin Guitars
McCollum Guitars
Nashville Guitar Company
National Resophonic Guitars
Nugget Mandolins
Olson Guitars
Orthey Autoharps
Petros Guitars
Pimentel Guitars
Ryan Guitars
Santa Cruz Guitar Company
Schoenberg Guitars
Stefan Sobell Instruments
Tacoma Guitars
Taylor Guitars
Threet Guitars
Tippin Guitars
Yamaha Guitars
Kathy Matsushita - Amateur Builder   This is a
terrific site for those interested in building any
string instrument.  Kathy is a school teacher who
builds in the summer, and her documentation of
her projects and processes are invaluable.
These few shops are either places
I've visited or have found helpful on
the web.  There are obviously lots
of music stores in the world, and I
don't mean to slight any of them.

Buffalo Bros. Vintage Guitars
Carmel Music Company
Cotten Music Center
Dave's Guitars
Dusty Strings
Elderly Instruments
Gruhn Guitars
Gryphon Stringed Instruments
Homestead Pickin' Parlor
Mandolin Brothers  
Mass Street Music 
Schoenberg Guitars
Spruce Tree Music
Steve Swan Guitars
Stringed Instrument Division   
Matt Umanov Guitars  

Willie's American Guitars

Lark In The Morning - Eclectic stuff!

Instrument Maintenance Informational Links
Frank Ford's Frets.Com
Frank is a "co-flounder" of Gryphon Stringed Instruments, and is one of the finest restorers and repairers I know.  His self-maintained site is a marvel, and will take years to digest.

Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips

Gruhn's Guide to Packing Your Instrument for Shipping
Gruhn Guitars Article Library

Guitar Notes A very large collection of links to builders, dealers, suppliers, lessons and much more.



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