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A Few Small "Lessons"
Eat These Slowly, in Moderation

A Very Serious Disclaimer 

The Lightbulb Effect

Music, Math and Physics

The Chromatic Scale -- All 12 Notes

Going Around in Circles -- Chromatically

Scale Degrees -- Building Blocks

The Major Scale -- Just Seven Notes

The Pentatonic Major Scale -- Five Notes You Need

Pentatonic Major Scale Patterns

Altered Tunings   

Chord Building Basics

The "90%" Chords

CAGED Chords Charts

A Few Notes About Musical Notes

Notes On The Fingerboard

Using Octave Notes to Get Your Bearings

The Famous Circle of Fifths

3 Note Movable Chord Forms  

Swing Vamp Patterns  

Anatomy of a Diminished Chord

"Fake Swing"

Remember to look at Bruce Emery's Skeptical Guitarist for professional theory stuff, where you can buy the fine books he's written.  He's the boss on this stuff, and he's a funny guy.

Also, one of the very best swing guitar resources I've found is Dix Bruce's DVD, titled "Basic Swing Guitar."  It is a really fine introduction to swing, and is suited to anyone wanting to explore that genre.  Go to Dix's web site to see that and other good stuff for musicians.

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